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“There continues to be a healthy balance between the demand for and supply of seats in law schools. Gaining admission to the best law schools will always be a challenge. But, the challenge is achievable and not impossible."
From Mastering The LSAT - John Richardson, B.A., LL.B., J.D.

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John Richardson, B.A., LL.B., J.D. - Of the Bars on Ontario, New York and Massachusetts

Author of: Mastering The LSAT – How To Prepare Effectively And Successfully
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Portions of this site have been excerpted from one or more of these books.

Law School Application Guide – Personal Marketing 101

Part 1 - Applying To Law School In Ontario vs. Applying To Law School Outside Of Ontario

Part 2 - Determining Your Application Category

Part 3 - The Components Of Your File

Part 4 - Your Grades

Part 5 - Your LSAT

Part 6 - LSAT Writing Sample

Part 7 - Letters Of Reference

Part 8 - Personal Statements

Part 9 - Autobiographical Sketch

Part 10 – Interviews

Books And Further Resources

Top 10 Questions/Concerns Of Pre-Law Students

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