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Books And Further Resources

1. Parts of this site have been based on the following three books by John Richardson:

Mastering The LSAT – How To Prepare Effectively And Successfully ISBN: 0-9696290-3-6
Law School Bound – ISBN: 0-9696290-2-8
Mastering The Personal Statement – ISBN: 0-9696290-4-4

These are available at Indigo.ca, Amazon.com, your university bookstores and Indigo bookstores. They contain lots of actual examples of references and personal statements.

2. Take The Bar And Beat Me – Raymond L. Woodcock

This is one of the best pre-law books every. Readable, funny, educational, this book has it all. The best part is that it can be read for free (with the kind permission of Mr. Woodcock) at:

3. One L – Scott Turow. The author is most famous for his later books. “One L” is an account of his first year at Harvard Law School.

4. Books suggested by Law Services – check out the following link to the Law Services site: http://www.lsac.org/canadianCFC/biblio.pdf

5. The Official Guide To Canadian Law Schools – Law Services

6. The ABA Guide To U.S. Law Schools

7. LSAT Preparation - http://www.prep.com

8. Best LSAT Books - http://lsatbooks.wordpress.com

9. The Law School Bible – Peter Loughlin – ISBN: 0-9710281-0-9
This is a fantastic if you want to learn how to become a lawyer without going the conventional law school route – highly recommeded!

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